Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am Thankful for Many, Many Things

My Life - This really encompasses so many things, but mainly the fact that I am alive, and have a healthy body, an active mind and that I have the chance to live in a land that offers so many freedoms to do whatever it is I want to do to improve myself, my family and my community. I also have to give it up to the men and women who work on a daily bases to protect those freedoms and I don't just mean soldiers (although they are pretty darn incredible at what they do), but also give thanks to the people who every day try to make a difference like police men and women, nurses, teachers. Without you my life would be a little less safe and so I am grateful to have you in it!!

My Husband - How thankful I am that we found each, even after all these years together. We have managed to get through some pretty crazy ups and downs that life always seems to throw at you especially when you least expect it or want it. I guess it's a good thing we both like roller coaster rides, cause we may be on one for life and I wouldn't want to be on it with anyone else. We have grown together, yelled together, laughed together, cried together, been afraid together and come out on the other side of things stronger than before. I love the time we are able to spend alone together and I hope we continue to grow in our love and respect and friendship in the years to come. What more can be said but that I love you babe!

My Kids - I promise not to make this the longest section of this post, but seriously, I am thankful for my two girls, for coming into my life and making me a mom (I was always afraid I would never get to be one) and for bringing so much joy and sunshine and laughter into my life. I know I will make mistakes and not always do things the right way, but I will always love you two with all that I am and I hope in those difficult moments my love for you will be enough. I love watching you grow and learn all about the world around you. You are my angels!!

My Friends (You all know who you are) - You give me strength when I need it the most and just by being in my life I am a better person. I love that there is never any judgement and there are always sets of listening ears to hear the latest news whether it be good or bad or just plain crazy. Thanks for making me feel like I have a place in the world where I can turn whenever I need a friend - life without you would be no life at all!!

My Family - Even though we live apart and never get together as often as I like, we are a family and whenever we do get together, I love hearing and seeing and watching all that you have made of your lives. I love seeing my nieces and nephews and all the cuteness that they bring to this family (seriously, we have some cute kids) and I love hearing about the struggles, accomplishments and moments in life that bring you happiness. I will always be here if you ever need anything and I know you will be there for me as well, through the good times and the bad.

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