Sunday, December 6, 2009

SLC Lights Adventure

So yesterday A and I had the great idea to take the kids to see the lights on Temple Square. We thought about driving, but after the snow storm that entered our little valley, we decided that neither one of us really wanted to drive and have to deal with other drivers, so why not take the front runner train down town.

The girls were ecstatic about the train option, especially K who is a really big fan of all things trains. I have to admit that her obsession with trains is a new thing for me especially since Ave never really showed this much interest in them, but I guess to each their
own, and I should just enjoy her love of all things choo choo.

So we bought our tickets and off we went to board the train and of course found seats on the top level which Ave says is where you have to sit every time you ride the train.

Now I should also mention that along with the recent snow, Mother Nature has also treated us to a pretty sever drop in temperatures. So needless to say it was cold, and if you as
ked A how cold I am sure he would have some phrase remembered from his childhood about freezing the "B's" off some animal/person or whatnot and he would be right. Even being as bundled up as we could be, it was still really really cold.

Luckily we were able to warm up by first eating dinner at The Gateway and then by getting on to the Trax and heading up to Temple Square. The lights were beautiful, at least from the little bit that what we were able to see. There was something about being out in the cold that seemed to trigger little K's bladder and she ended up needing to use the bathroom more than usual. So after taking care of that little business a few times, just as we were getting ready to take our first picture with the lights in the background, they shut them off. Guess you could say we closed down the place.

uckily for us there were still some lights left on in the plaza in between Temple Square and The Church Office Bldgs, so we were able to get a few pictures there and I have to say that the little floaty lights on the infinity pond were beautiful to see.

By now though the cold temps and the late night hour were catching up with the girls and there were tired and wanted to go home. K feel asleep the second we got back on the front runner and A got to enjoy a rare snuggle session with her as he was carrying her (I say rare because usually she won't let him do anything for her, it has to be mom) Ave feel asleep the second we got back to the car and so both girls were carried upstairs and tucked into bed once we got home.

So despite the cold temps and not getting to see all that twinkled and glittered, it was still a very good night!!


Ryan & Cynthia Clan said...

We went on Thursday night with some friends and it was WAY too cold. We were bummed because the big trees didn't have any lights on. The lady said they only do lights on the big trees on even #'d years, so most of the lights are in the plaza this year. Something about giving the big trees a year off so the lights don't kill them. Needless to say we were a little bummed. But it was still pretty in the plaza and the rest of downtown. Love you guys! Glad you guys survived it too!

valerie said...

You are braver than I! It's way too cold!

AJ, Shauna, Keegan and Camden said...

Ummmm, yeah, so I guess that I should stop complaining about my "freezing" cold temps of 55-60, huh? I'm hoping that the pouring rain that we are currently having doesn't mean more snow for you guys. Even though it was cold, the lights do look beautiful.

dvecchio said...

I would have thought A's commentary on the cold would be more colorful than "freezing the b's off...". At any rate we would have braved the elements with you.