Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Little Leprechans

...looks like they found thier pot of gold during breakfast!!

(BTW - Avery was super excited to get to wear her gold sparkle shoes to school today!!)

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to my big 4-year old!

So today begins your journey into the world as a 4 year old. Your new birthday outfit says it all as you really are "TuTu cute"!

From the moment you rolled out of bed today you let me know that you were now a big girl, who was 4 years old, and with words that sent joy straight to my heart, that 4 year old girls do not pee in thier panties (yes folks, we are still working on the P.T. thing, but maybe today will mark a change for this girl) I just know that you made me smile - like you do every day!!

You are the happiest little girl and you really do make us laugh with the way you take in all the things going on around you and try to be a part of it. Your quick wit and intelligence continues to grow in leaps and bounds and I have to admit your intelligence takes me by surpise at least once a day with how well you understand this whole crazy world we live in.

love how you have a personality (and you are not afraid to show it) and an imagination that knows no bounds and how everyone one you meet automatically earns the title of your friend.

My favorite noises you make are the horse noises when you are playing with your my little ponies. If only I had a tape recording to share - you would think there were horses in the room - she is that good!

It still amazes me how much you can eat for one so small. We will always get a laugh at how if at any time you couldn't be found, the first place we would look for you was in the pantry and sure enough there you were, climbing on a box or on a shelf trying to get into something delicious.

You are my snuggle bunny and have been from the moment the doctor placed you in my arms. I love how you will run up to me and ask for a hug no matter the time of the day and how every night we end it with a super snuggle and a tight squeeze.

I love that you still won't go to sleep at night without Monkey by your side.

Thank you for coming into my life and bringing so much sunshine and love. You challenge my patience at times, but it's a small price to pay for the unlimited amounts of love, happiness and trust that I get from you.

Thanks for helping me throughout the day and being my little princess. Thanks for always knowing when to give a hug and for the wonderful songs you love to make up on the fly.

You will always be my little baby, even when you are all grown up!!

I love you K - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!