Friday, September 5, 2008

Survivor - South Weber, UT

So have you heard about the latest installment of the Survivor TV Show? Apparently they got wind of what was going on in our household and decided to send a film crew over to record our crazy life. I promise at least one major break-down, maybe even two (one from me and the other from A or the kids - who knows, maybe all four of us - at once - that should be entertaining. I am not sure how the whole voting off thing will be handled, but I will let the producers make that call.

It could be interesting if nothing else. . .

So seriously (just kidding about the whole survivor thing),over the last 2 weeks I have felt like I was in some kind of "survive-my-reality-show". I was really beginning to think I had taken on a little more than I could handle. But with the first 2 weeks of school (both for A and for myself) behind us, getting into what I feel is a comfortable grove with the whole working part-time thing and still keeping the house picked up and cleaned, the laundry done, the bills paid (on time no less), the grocery shopping done and meals on the table, I feel I am going to be able to handle all of this.

Of course huge props must go out to my partner (in crime - J/K) in all of this for picking up and taking over when I am not home, for feeding the girls and bathing them and keeping them on their schedule as best he can. This is unchartered territory for him, along with ponytails and keeping an eye on two constantly moving little girls. We are so in this together and now the I know I can do all that's listed above, we might even be able to sneak in some quality us time before crashing as our heads hit the pillow each night. Imagine the possibilities . . .

Other news to share - It's been 10 years since I have been compelled to step over the threshold of a university testing center. Funny how I can also only recall the horrific (and oh so frustrating) moments from tests passed where I walked out of a testing center with only a 65%. So, with the overwhelming nausea I was feeling all morning (since yesterday to be more precise) I sucked it up, conquered my nerves and took my first test. I walked away with a 100% on the lab quiz and a 98% on the Module 1 test. I only missed 1 question. YAHOO!!

So I am feeling MUCH BETTER and pretty darn good about the whole studing thing and everything else. So bring on the learning and the Testing Centers - I can handle it!