Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking a break

but just for a moment - be sure to scroll down to see all the fun things I have posted about so far today!!

Tree House Museum Fun

Since moving to UT we have always had a membership to the Children's Museum in SLC. Both of my girls have loved going and spending the day hanging out and playing in all the various exhibits and participating in the crafts and activities.

But with times being what they are and wanting to find ways to be more conscious about the amount of driving and subsequent gas consumption we are using, as well as trying to just find the time to spend the day "playing", we started looking around for options a little closer to home.

I was very happy to find that we have a place called the Tree House Museum located just up the way in Downtown Ogden. They are redoing where the old mall used to be and the area is developing pretty nicely into an entertainment haven. There are restaurants and movie theaters and Fat Cats (bowling, arcade games and mini golf) but I digress as this post is really about the Tree House Museum which is made for kids of all ages and very hands on with all their exhibits.

Here are some of the pictures of our time there. I could barely get K away from the choo choo trains and A was having a blast pretending to be the teacher with K as her very willing student. I also think A and K were checking into a variety of future career options such as Radiologist, researcher, musicians, actresses and maybe even fire fighters. All great choices, right?

All in all a great way to spend the day a little closer to home! Enjoy!

4 Wheeling Fun

I think the phrase goes something like "When you fall off a horse, the best thing to do is get back on". Well that couldn't be more true for A, who for quite some time after the whole "crash- through-a-garage-door-due-to-a-malfunctioning-ATV" episode back in January, to say she was a little bit skittish about getting back on "the horse" was an understatement.
She really had no interest in getting back on the bike, but her dad made plans one weekend to going down to his brothers house and he was going to take his ATV down to ride, and she asked if he could bring hers as well.
Major step forward, so of course he agreed,
and with final reassurances that the ATV was fixed and that there were no garage doors for her to worry about, just plenty of wide open spaces and mom and dad standing close by, she got on the bike and started to ride and after taking it at her own pace ended up having quite a good time!! I included a little video. You can see how cautious she is being (which makes me happy) but that she having a great time as well. Too bad the helmet covers up most of her smile :o) but it's doing it's intended job just fine.

Personally - I am more worried for when K gets big enough to ride given how fearless she already is...

7th Birthday Fun

Just some of the funny and entertaining pictures from A's 7th "Friend" Birthday Party and her slightly less energetic family party a few days later. Such good times!!

Wheeler Fun

So this year instead of doing the traditional picnic at Lagoon, Gpa L's company did a BBQ on site at thier SLC location and it ended up being so much more fun. The girls (and even the dads aka big little boys) ended up having a blast. We all got to walk around and ride on and even operate some of the big construction equipment that they are always seeing on the road.

Here are some pictures to show the highlites of the day.

Summer Haircuts

So with the heat that usually accompanies summers here, I figured it was time to give the girls a cute summer do. Plus I was getting a little tired of having to brush and style their hair every day to keep it from becoming a tangled mess by days end.

Both A and K were all over that idea especially since A has been asking to get her hair cute for the last few months, ever since I got mine cut short. So off to the girl that cuts my hair and I just have to say she did an awesome job. Combined the girls lost a total of 11 inches of hair (A got 6 inches cut off and K got 5 inches taken off).

Here are the before and after pictures. So totally cute!!

What was missing

is now found. I know that I have been totally MIA this summer, but luckily for you, I am back and I have about 10 posts worth of stuff to share so happy reading. Maybe take it in over the next couple of days since we never know when the next post will come (just kidding - I will try to be more "on time" with our going ons!)