Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tree House Museum Fun

Since moving to UT we have always had a membership to the Children's Museum in SLC. Both of my girls have loved going and spending the day hanging out and playing in all the various exhibits and participating in the crafts and activities.

But with times being what they are and wanting to find ways to be more conscious about the amount of driving and subsequent gas consumption we are using, as well as trying to just find the time to spend the day "playing", we started looking around for options a little closer to home.

I was very happy to find that we have a place called the Tree House Museum located just up the way in Downtown Ogden. They are redoing where the old mall used to be and the area is developing pretty nicely into an entertainment haven. There are restaurants and movie theaters and Fat Cats (bowling, arcade games and mini golf) but I digress as this post is really about the Tree House Museum which is made for kids of all ages and very hands on with all their exhibits.

Here are some of the pictures of our time there. I could barely get K away from the choo choo trains and A was having a blast pretending to be the teacher with K as her very willing student. I also think A and K were checking into a variety of future career options such as Radiologist, researcher, musicians, actresses and maybe even fire fighters. All great choices, right?

All in all a great way to spend the day a little closer to home! Enjoy!

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