Thursday, July 30, 2009

4 Wheeling Fun

I think the phrase goes something like "When you fall off a horse, the best thing to do is get back on". Well that couldn't be more true for A, who for quite some time after the whole "crash- through-a-garage-door-due-to-a-malfunctioning-ATV" episode back in January, to say she was a little bit skittish about getting back on "the horse" was an understatement.
She really had no interest in getting back on the bike, but her dad made plans one weekend to going down to his brothers house and he was going to take his ATV down to ride, and she asked if he could bring hers as well.
Major step forward, so of course he agreed,
and with final reassurances that the ATV was fixed and that there were no garage doors for her to worry about, just plenty of wide open spaces and mom and dad standing close by, she got on the bike and started to ride and after taking it at her own pace ended up having quite a good time!! I included a little video. You can see how cautious she is being (which makes me happy) but that she having a great time as well. Too bad the helmet covers up most of her smile :o) but it's doing it's intended job just fine.

Personally - I am more worried for when K gets big enough to ride given how fearless she already is...

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