Monday, November 16, 2009

US Virgin Island - St. Johns - January 2010

Duration - 7 days

ost - **FREE** --> all expenses are going to be paid by A's company. we only have to bring our swimsuits and personal items, and maybe some $ for souvinours for the girls.

hy --> Because my husband ROCKS in a major way as he ended the year in the #3 position for sales in terms of $$$ sold in medical diagnostic equipment and reagents and they take the top 10 reps who each get to bring 1 guest on an absolutely incredible trip. Seriously, we are talking over 200 sales reps and he was #3. He ROCKS!!

I get to go along as his "+1" and I plan to fully enjoy my time there. I can't wait to walk on the white sandy beaches, swim in the turquoise blue ocean and bays and partake of all that St. John's has to offer during our stay!!

My mind is spinning with images of leisurely massages, snorkeling with shiny/colorful fishes and turtles, lounging by the pool, tons of great food and fabulous fruity concoctions, uninterrupted relaxation and oh so much more.


Elise said...

Can I just say I am jealous? A rocks!! Congrats #3 out of 200 is very awesome. But can I come stowed away in your luggage?

Nataluscious said...

I hate you.

(ok, not really. but I am stinkin' jealous. And congrats to A too.)