Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween pics - Yah, I know I'm late!

So it has taken me this long to finally download the pictures from my camera from Halloween and given that it is not quite Thanksgiving yet (I still have 5 days) I figured I can still share them and not run the risk of being TOO late and overlapping on holidays, Plus the pictures are too fun not to share, so enjoy!

A carved this pumpkin all by herself. She picked out the design and punched out the picture and carved it all by herself. I think she did an amazing job and she had so much fun. She even managed to make it through the "guts" part of the pumpkin.

The night before Halloween, we took the girls to Lagoon for the last time on our season passes (there was no way I was going to take them on the actual last day which was Halloween) for Frightmares. They had a blast going through the different Spook alleys and riding on their favorite rides one last time.

I have to admit some of the high school kids they had working there were more annoying than scary, but I guess that's what you get when 15 year olds run a theme park!

t was a little chilly for full costumes so we just painted faces and wore hats, but K was the best little witch and A was her trusty black cat. They loved the fact that they got their face painted (by yours truly) and they turned out looking pretty good, although I am really glad that K does not have those eyebrows in real life.

One of the spook houses ended up being a little more scary than we planned on (at one point I screamed like a little girl) and K was a trooper and just screamed right back at anything that jumped out at her that she did not like. Needless to say in the Haunted High School she did a lot of screaming at various and random creatures. I wish I could have had video of that as it was too funny. A just stayed really close and kept really quite, probably hoping that no one would notice her.

Calling all Princesses, Calling all Princesses - On Halloween Night we went to the little hot dog roast that a neighbor up the street hosts each year before heading out and trick-or-treating.

The girls pulled in some serious candy and this year we had to stop halfway and get a grocery bag from a friend to dump their pumpkins into as they (and the pockets on my jacket) were already overflowing and we were only about halfway around our neighborhood.

In case you can't tell, A was a Renaissance princess and K was a Parisian Princess and both looked beautiful. They loved that they got to wear mommy's make-up and have "sparkly" eyes (that was K's description of how she looked
) A was especially proud of her gold sparkly shoes and dangly grown-up earrings.

By nights end they were both pretty tired, but you could tell they had a blast!!
I think the picture of K and the smile on her face as she was trick or treating really says it all. She loved that she had a friend to go from house to house with, especially since her big sister keep taking off and leaving her in the dust (literally).

loved that she got to spend the nights with her BFF M (the Zombie Bride) and J - the Egyptian Queen. They had so much fun just laughing and giggling and comparing what candy or treat each other got, it totally reminded me of the joys of just being a kid.

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours was this year!! My girls will be eating candy until Christmas!!

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