Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear . . .

Dear Perspective,
I will be needing you more often then I realize or have ever needed you in the past, so please make sure you hang around me as often as you can.

Dear Patience,
Please see above comment and stick close by as well. Thanks in advance.

Dear People who don't keep their promises or honor their financial obligations,
YOU SUCK!! and you are stressing me and my husband out more than we really need right now. So man/woman up and start paying off your debt. We are not a bank nor are we your personal line of credit.

Dear Stress Related Weight Gain,
Your presence is no longer required. You were never invited in the first place and it's time that you leave and take the weight you brought with you. I have a bathing suit to look smoking hot in in just 6 days. If you like, you can send your Cousin "Stress Related Weight Loss" in your place. He/She is welcome to stay as long as He/She likes as long as the pounds keep coming OFF.

Dear Summer Camp,
Thank you for promising to keep my oldest child entertained with arts and crafts and activities along with all her friends for 4 days a week, for 3 hours a day, for 6 weeks total - all for the bargain price of $30. You are well worth the money being spent. My only complaint - I wish you took 2 year olds who are not yet (nor soon to be) potty trained.

Dear Aruba,
Thank you for waiting so patiently. We look forward to experiencing all that you have to offer. We will be there on Sunday!

Dear Nana & UT Gma,
Thanks for watching the girls for us to make the above trip possible. A and I owe you both big time!!

Dear A & K,
Thanks for putting up with your mom and dad through all of the emotions of the last week or two. We love you both more than you will ever know. Thanks for your hugs and kisses and helping us keep things in balance. Your giggles and laughter are more precious than gold. You make our life fun!

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Hoopesfam4 said...

I'm sorry you're stressing and have been stressing for the past little bit - that is no way to prepare for a vacation. Just remember - A...R...U...B...A... you will be there before you know it. And, I have NO doubt that you will look smoking hot in your swimsuit, so don't even worry about it. Have fun!! (and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby and BB1....I am terrible, and remembered the wrong date...AGAIN. I am sorry...just give that beautiful little daughter of yours hugs and kisses from her Aunt B and cousins).