Friday, May 16, 2008

My Little Dare Devil

For a while I have know that I was going to have my hands full with my two little girls, who each day show me just how wrong I am in thinking of them as little. They are growing up so fast and with each new day venturing forth into the unknown and having the grandest of adventures. These kids have no fear and that sometimes is the scariest thing for us mere moms to deal with. Let me explain. . .

For part of my Mothers Day Extravaganza (that's what we called it this year) the girls (along with A) took me to Lagoon (For those not familiar it's an amusement park here in Utah - not quite on par with Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA, but trying really hard). For the most part the time was spent going on rides that any 2 or 5 year old would be thrilled over. Most were the carnival type and the ones that spin you in a circle until you are super nauseous, but they love them regardless. Nothing too scary here, I know . . . just wait!

After tiring of the kiddy type rides and wanting to see more of the park we start walking over to the bigger rides, where my 1st born decides that she is going to go on not one but two of the biggest adult rides in the park. All without any pleading or cajoling from her parents. She just pointed at the biggest coasters and said, that's where I want to go next. So onto Colossus which she rode with her dad and the newest coaster in the park called Wicked which she rode with her mom.

And folks - it is just what it is - Wicked. It shoots you straight up in the air like a bullet out of a gun going something like 40+ miles an hour to the top of a 110 foot tower, where it then drops you straight back down and into all the twists and turns imaginable. It truly does everything you expect a good roller coaster to do. It had all the thrills I would have wanted but never expected to find in Farmington, Utah.

And my daughter did it all from the FRONT ROW (again her choice because we could have sat in the back, but she said she wanted to sit in the front. Have I mentioned that I love this girl!) Yep, my kid has serious thrill issues.

Side note - There was another mom with her older teenage daughters in front of us in line and they were saying they couldn't even convince their 14 year old brother and his friends to go on this ride! They were super impressed that A was doing it and she was only 5 (almost 6). I suspect someone somewhere was teased mercilessly about that little fact.

So another Roller Coaster Junkie is born. And her little sister is not too far behind.


Elise said...

Kate is like A - totally loves roller coasters of all kinds. Sucks for her, since I get sick on most roller coasters but great bonding for her and Alan.

Hoopesfam4 said...

A girl after my own heart - good for her! Give us a couple of years, and cousins AK and Roo will be joining right up with BB1 - they already love to launch themselves off of anything and everything (the couch, the table, the dining room chairs, slides at the park, the "big girl" swings, etc.)