Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

All though at 6 years of age, I guess I can no longer technically call you my baby. . . But my baby you will always be.

You can into this world so tiny and small and yet you had so much spunk and life about you. You were a fighter and one who knew exactly what she wanted to do. You took your dad and I by the heart with your tiny little fingers and have yet to let go. . . and I hope you never do.

You are growing into one of the most beautiful girls (I am going to have to beat the boys off you with a stick) but more importantly one of the biggest sweethearts. I love how you take your sister by the hand and show her everything this world has to offer (even the things I sometimes wish you wouldn't) but either way, you are a great big sister and K is lucky to have you looking out for her. I am sure it will be many years before she truly appreciates you and all that you have to share.

I love your hugs and kisses and the way you always look to make sure mom and dad are there watching you. We will always be there for you as you go through this life, exploring, learning, growing and challenging those around you. I am so glad to play a part in your life and I will always love you! Ditto for your Dad!

Happy Birthday Baby!!


Nataluscious said...

Happy Birthday to our very favorite 6 year old! Wish we were there to celebrate... please give A lots of hugs and loves from all of us.

See you soon!

Ryan, Cynthia & Family said...

Happy belated bday A. We have a super fun gift for you and Brianna Bunny. You know exactly what it is and it's in your fave colors - or atleast the colors you requested ... PINK & more PINK!!! :)