Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watch out Project Runway

You have your next candidate ready and waiting. That is if you are willing to let a 2 year old onto your show and allow her to upstage everyone there.

K is showing her fashionista side lately and it's providing some very entertaining moments I felt the need to share. She has an opinion on what everyone is and is not wearing.

morning she tells me what she will and will not wear. This morning was the edict to wear shorts, not pants and her shirt had to be pink with flowers on it.

I am also beginning to hear the phrase "I do it mommie" A LOT. Hence the picture I am sharing of her trying to put on her jammie bottoms by herself without any help.
Also, she has to pick out her jammies at night or she will simple take off whatever I have put on her and change into what she wants to wear. This also happens at random times through out the day so I never know when I am going to have a naked child running around the house in just her diaper.

One of these times the camera will be close at hand, and full charged so I can capture the before and after moments, but for know you just get the verbal description.

I feel I should also apologize to the little boy who went into Walmart Neighborhood Market without a shirt on (in his defense, he was sunburned, so I get it) but K saw him and literally followed him around the produce section saying " your naked" "where's your shirt" " YOUR NAKED" causing the little boy to cower behind his mothers legs. She was merciless in her pursuit of what she thought was a breach in proper fashion.


Ryan, Cynthia & Family said...

So cute. I love the mermaid look!

AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I'd totally let her dress me, because I could use all the help I can get and I'm sure she'd have lots to say about how I look lately. AJ would probably appreciate it too! :)

valerie said...

The sad thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if there WAS a child version of project runway...with all the TV shows that are being made these days...oh dear...and this coming from a girl in advertising...but that doesn't mean she's not stinking adorable! Cause she is!