Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Aruba

Thank you for rocking as much as you did. You were an awesome place to visit. I can't wait to see if my snorkel pictures with the underwater camera turned out.

Thank you for providing the rest and relaxation that both A and I desperately needed.

Thank you natural pool for proving the most beautiful snorkel place on the entire island, even if getting to you required getting bounced and thrown around the back of a jeep (compact cars need not even try) and fearing for our life on a couple down slopping turns. You were totally worth the trip (pictures to come later).

Thank you Jolly Pirates for providing such a fun snorkel excursion on a true to life pirate ship (where I only got mildly sun burned - yahoo!) Next time I promise to try the rope swing and A won't loose his sunglasses over the side of the boat.

Thank you Moomba, Pelican Pier, Tomato Charlies and Hadicuari for providing such fresh and delicious food at pretty reasonable prices. Oh and thank you Champions for having the best nachos and Appetizer platter with wings rings, fries and skins to feed 4 very hungry people after a long hard day relaxing in the sun and floating around the lazy river. It was tough work, but someone had to do it!!

Next years trip has already been booked - Fiji - June 2009 - want to come along?

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