Monday, July 30, 2007

Move, Interrupted

The $$$ didn't make it to the right hands in time for us to be able to take possession of the house over the weekend, so even though the house is ours (as of filing all the papers with the county today) we won't be able to move in officially until this weekend.

Both Papa Bear and I are exhausted and resigned to what has happened. We did everything we could, gave it our all, but there is just no making up for other people's lack of due diligence. So, needless to say we won't be giving our Mortgage Broker any stellar recommendations to anyone anytime soon. He's the one who basically mucked up the whole deal (even thought he refuses to admit any degree of responsibility - hello - you were the one who was supposed to secure funding prior to or at least by the contractual closing date) So in the words of my BIL - He is a pune!!

We will be staying in the condo for one more week and were able to extend our rental for the storage unit. Luckily, everyone there has been really flexible and understanding. And on the positive side this will give us time to go in and paint or do whatever we want to without having to worry about covering up furniture and what not. It's all going to work out!!

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Ryan, Cynthia & Family said...

I'm glad that it finally happened, even if it was a nightmare getting to this point. Your broker is definitely a POON! :)