Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Playing Catch up!

It seems like I spend most of my day playing catch up with one thing or another. Anyone who knows me though should realize it's just how I am and love me in spite of my always being a few steps behind everyone else. Eventually I do always catch up. One of these days, I may even surprise you and be ahead of the game.

The following is a quick update on what been going on since our move from Colorado to Utah at the beginning of the year. We have been living in semi-vacation mode in Eden, Utah. We choose the location due to the close proximity of 3 ski resorts. Guess it figures that this winter was pretty mild and all the visions of multiple days on the mountain with nothing but runs of perfect powder stretching before us were just that, dreams, visions and a whole lot of wishful thinking!! I may have forgotten how to cook in the time that we have been here. So it will be very interesting once we are in our new house, with my kitchen back in full-operational order and everything out of storage. I am sure there will be updates on the fun that is to come.

BB2 turned 1 - I can't believe it. We had multiple parties the spanned a couple of states. Of course she could have cared less about the cake (my kids are wierd) but the presents (aka the wrapping paper and ribbons) were a hit and she loved getting her picture taken. She is such a little ham when it comes to the camera. I love it. She has taken to getting around the same way as her older sister did, by scooting on her bum. Most kids wear out the knees she wears out the seat in her pants. I can hardly keep up with her.

BB1 celebrated her Birthday in true style with a Neverland themed Party. Contrary to my belief that she would want to be Tinkerbelle (since she is everything Princess or closely related), she surprised me by saying that she would be Captain James E. Hook for the party. She looked the part in her pirate hat and sword. She loved having her UT cousins and even friends from Colorado who have moved out to Utah, came and spent the time laughing, giggling and walking the plank in true pirate fashion. She had a great time with the pirate flag pinata, fairy cake (the frosting was her favorite part) and of course the presents. Although, I do have to give her props for being more worried about giving out the party favor bags to everyone else, rather than opening the presents people brought for her. Her big gift from mom and dad was to FINALLY go to Build-a-Bear where she ran around in true birthday girl fashion and we now have Brianna Bunny as part of our family. Brianna has yet to leave her side and goes where ever BB1 goes.
Papa Bear is loving being at home and no longer spending all his time on the road, living in hotels and eating out all the time. Trying to balance work life with being at home again with two very loud and active kids has at times stretched his patience, he wouldn't trade a minute of it. He gets out on his bike now and again and once we are settled both of us are recommitting to the gym to get in tip top shape. We did it before, so we can do it again. I for one, just want my yoga classes back as they are the best way I have found to reconnect and re-establish my sanity. Say it with me 'oohhhmmmmm'!
With the warm summer weather upon us, we are trying to spend more time outdoor than indoor and so far we have has a couple of mini vacations back to Colorado to hang out with our good friends (of which we are so of like mind and spirit at times it's scary), a trip to Bear Lake with Family, and lots of mini excursions around Utah to try and take in all the beauty this state has to offer.
Enough blogging for now . . . there is meat to be grilled for dinner . . . love to you all!

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