Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

The Good - we have FINALLY signed loan docs (yippee)

The Bad - we still have to wait for the loan to fund and the title company will deliver the loan docs to the loan company by 8:00 am tomorrow and our Broker is going to be pushing for it to get final approval, so it can fund tomorrow. This is the plan because - and please send up your prayers tonight so that it will be so - otherwise we cannot take possession and move into the house until the loan funds, which won't be till Monday, and that just won't work for us as Papa Bear has work commitments out of town Sunday Afternoon till Wednesday and there's no way that Mama Bear, in all her super human mommy powers could do a move of this magnitude on her own. No Way Jose!!

The Ugly - Papa Bear and I have been quite the emotional, nervous, and angry wrecks that you can imagine we would be after everything we have been through the last few days, and unfortunately a few of our more choice conversations with our broker have been with the kids in listening distance (hey - there is only so many places you can go in a 1600 sq foot condo). I guess some of what we have said has rubbed off a little on the kids. BB1 upon being asked to go get her shoes on because we were finally going to go to the title company and sign papers to buy the house, looked up at her Papa Bear and asked in all the innocence a 5 year old could "Are you going to kick his a**!! Now as to who the "he" was, it doesn't really matter. It was just too funny!

Can I say I just love my kids... Out of the mouth of babes... Needless to say it broke through a lot of the tension we were still feeling and we laughed for probably the 1st time in a few days. I guess that means we will make it through, and this too will pass.

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