Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

Ok - so now I need to balance out my frustration with the insane amount of snow we have been getting by sharing some of the fun things we have been doing to help us forget about the hand cramping, back breaking, uselessness of snow removal during the middle of winter when there are still 3 more storms on thier way. And that's just with the latest 7 day forecast.

So here's to the fun, the happy, the memory making moments that bring on a much needed smile and a warm fuzzy.

Here's to the dressing up in silly costumes, because seriously, where are we going to go with 5 feet of snow on the roads and not a snow plow anywhere in sight? Better to just stay at home and dress up in your sparkliest, funnest outfit possible. BB2 spent the entire day in this outfit and she only ever wore the one Cindrelle shoe. I guess she was just being true to character. Although the witch hat threw in a little twist.

BB1 was the prettest looking witch, complete with dark eyes and "witchy" lipstick as she called it. Really it was just my eyeliner and a really deep plum lipstick she found in my make-up bag. But on bottem she was all dancer with her princess crown tights and ballet shoes. Guess she just wanted to be prepared for anything. Cast a spell, dance with the prince. She had all her bases covered. The girls stays like this all day long until it was time to put on jammies and get into bed. I almost thought BB2 would want to wear her little skirt over her jammies. I am sure that day will come.

To BB2 dressing up in sister's scarf and gloves and then zooming around the downstairs on our little pink scooter bike, screaming wheeeee and wooooooooo as loud as she can, never once showing fear as she took a corner around the couch or the table going mock-9 with her little piggy tails flapping in the wind behind her.

venturing forth onto our lawn and sinking down into the snow almost to my hips, BB1's waist, just so we can shoveling the snow into a great big huge mound and then shape it into the world biggest snowman ever. This baby is complete with 3 snow mounds as every decent snowman must have if he is even to be remotely presentable in snow man society.

Ok, in truth, it may not the world biggest snowman, but it is definetly the biggest snow man on the block and that counts for something. This snow man comes complete with hair (twigs) and arms (branches), scarf (courtesy of mom) and carrot nose (thanks to the makers of realistic plastic fruits and vegetables) and eyes and mouth from our rose bush.

BB1 was very exstatic about the results and thought that her snowman was way cooler than the dinosaur the kids across the street where trying to make. (I won't even mention what Papa Bear thought they were originally making when he first saw it - and if you really want to know, you'll have to call and ask.)

To snow drifts that are now so high that the snow can no longer be thrown on top as all you succeed in doing is knocking down more snow than you just shoveled up - but that make for a great high chair for the girls to sit on once mom has thrown then up on top.
Can you see the ground in the picture on the left? Just to give you a little insight in to just how much snow we are dealing with.

BTW - It is very easy to loose sight of your little ones with snow piled up this high, as I learned for myself as BB1 and BB2 were playing (as I was once again shoveling the walkways clear) and I realized I had no idea where they were. They had walked around the corner from where I had left them and since I couldn't even see the tops of thier little snow hats, I had to yell for them to determine their location. Scary for just a moment, but in reality, they would have only been able to circle back to our driveway, so worry for nothing.

For getting to eat the freshes, whitest, sparklingest newely fallen snow, before mom steps in and says to not eat said snow. Sometimes it just pays to be a kid and not think about what is in something and how it might hurt you or make you sick, before putting it in your mouth.

To deciding that your hands aren't getting the snow into your mouth fast enough so you turn to the shovel and the bucket.

The picture on the right was taken just before BB2 decided it would be a good idea to take off her gloves and then her snow boots and finally her socks before mom noticed her undressing herself. To bad it resulted in her being picked up and taken back inside as mom decided she has probably had enough snow and cold for one day.

This is the aftermath - and oh so yearning look - I was given by BB2 from inside the house (sorry for the glare) as BB1 and I stayed outside to finish our snow man and BB2 had to watch our activities from the warmth of the house. Guess next time she won't try and strip naked to go a'frolickin in the snow.
To bending over backwards as you can only do when you are five years old and as flexible as a young willow tree. BB1 will soon be delighting us with cartwheels and roundoffs and back flips. That is if her gymnastics teacher has anything to say about it. She goes on Saturdays for about 45 minutes and on her very first day, she kept trying to do this hand-stand-down-into-a-somersualt thing, instead of the cart wheel flips her teacher was trying to get her to do. It was fun to watch, especially as she had NO FEAR. May she never lose that.

And finally to snuggling up in a warm fleecy blanket to "watch a show". JoJo's circus is what is keeping BB2 so captivated and still for just a moment for mom to take this picture. I love how content and calm she is. So unlike the whirl wind of energy and activity that usually surrounds this kid.

And for once she is not eating something or asking in her little voice for "a bite" or "mine". The latest is what she says when ever she sees someone eating something that she then decides she wants. "Mine, Mine". I makes me think of those sea gulls in Finding Nemo that only ever say that word - "Mine" over and over again. Luckily, she also says please and thank you. Little rewards for knowing you are doing things right when your kids use thier manners.
So, while Mother Nature may be kicking our behind, atleast we are having the last laugh. Anyone want to come for a visit??


Nataluscious said...

The mind boggles at what your husband initially thought the snowman was ;). I can imagine. As for the snow, that is just INSANE. Reason #782 as to why you should not live where you do. I want to come out there for Memorial Day weekend, but you're not painting a very pretty picture (well, except inside the house... there its cozy and wonderful! :))

AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

Funny...I was thinking the same thing...Anyone want to come for a visit? (to CA that is to escape from the snow). I'll take my rain followed by sunny (if not super warm, but still not too bad) days. There's a reason why I don't live in snow. I'd never survive.