Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy February 29th

For all those people who has ever asked for more time, more days in the year, more hours in the day, - here you go. You get one extra day, 24 bonus hours, 1660 precious minutes to use however you like. They only come every 4 years.

Good for some, not so good for others, like for those babies unlucky enough to be born on this day. Sorry, you only get to celebrate your birthday every 4 years. It won't be much fun when you are younger, but just think how cool will it be when all your friends are turning 40 and you are still young and fun at 10!! Yahoo! (Papa Bear contributed that little statement of fact)

Feb 29th is also a good date for the people in the world who are horrible at remembering important dates, like anniversary's and "when we first meet" moments. Just have them tomorrow and then you won't have to worry about being asked every year for the exact date when you proposed, said "I love you", got married, etc. You'll get lucky and get a reprieve for at least 4 more years before your "date" rolls around.

All in all it seems to be a silly little thing to write about, but it just struck me as a little funny that we have this one day come into our lives every 4 years and Hallmark has yet to market the crap out of it with flowers, gifts, sentimentality and the like. (hey - if they start, I better get a cut. Just send the check addressed to me)

I am not even sure of the actual point or historical reason for getting one extra day in Feb, but I plan on using it to the fullest and not spending any one of those precious minutes doing mundane, domestic things like laundry (although BB1 is out of pants), dishes, vacuuming or dusting (even though I am still cleaning up from the dry wallers who ended their work a WEEK AGO! argggggg - stupid dust particles) My domestic goddess hat will be set aside and I will become light and care free with not a care in the world.

I plan on spending the day playing with my girls, hiding in our most secret and favorite spots. For BB2 that means spending the day climbing onto and standing on the sofa table while "talking" on her Blackberry (really an old calculator) and laughing and giggling and snuggling all day long with my sweeties. (Papa Bear included).

We will spend the day pretending that we are fighter jets, flying through the air and given the Air Forces recent and oh so frequent fly bys over our house, we will have all the necessary sound effect to complete our attempts.

I plan on dancing like no one is watching and if anyone happens to catch me in the groove, then I hope they join me rather than laugh at my white girl hippy shake moves. I had to share this picture of BB2 at Elmo's Dance Off at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. I could not get her to leave the dance floor as she loves the music and I just love how carefree and open she is. This girl can really shake it.

I plan to immerse myself if fanciful play and help my girls make memories of "the good times" for them to treasure all thier life. Order up!

Also - just so you know - any calories you consume on Feb 29th are totally extra and don't count against you in any negative way. OK, so my last statement wasn't totally true, but I would like to think that everyone should get at least one day, say every 4 years, to eat whatever they want to and not think about or feel guilty about what you put in your belly, so bring on the brownie sundaes for breakfast and peanut butter and ice cream waffles for lunch. If we aren't too sick to our stomachs, it's Mexican food for dinner.

Oh yeah - my stomach is already rumbling in a very good way (and it has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't eaten anything today, besides a smoothie, because I went to the dentist this morning and he drilled into my tooth (almost to my toes from the feel of things) and I still have yet to regain a normal sensation in my mouth. I hate going to the dentist!! But enough on that!

Just get out there and make the most of your extra 24 hours, 1660 minutes. You won't get it for another 4 years!!!


Nataluscious said...

What a fabulous post! Since it's actually 12:09 am here, I should start enjoying my extra 1660 minutes and stop working now. After all, I've already wasted 9 of them! :) Guess I'll go make myself some chocolate chip cookies, nachos, pizza rolls and bread and cheese.

Thanks for the fun distraction from otherwise tedious writing.

Elise said...

Love the post!! You have inspired me to have a fun filled Feb 29th. The gym can wait until March, right?