Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all throughout the house

all the kiddies were up and running around through the house.
So many presents to play with and good treats to still eat.
While mom and dad might be sleepy, the kids keep us on our feet.
Wrappings and ribbons are still strewn on the floor
a huge mess indeed, that I am choosing to ignore.
The kids will spend the day playing with their goodies galore
and I will be grateful that I don't have to go to any stores.
I am happy to be living and breathing with my loves ones so dear,
and I am content to just sit here, remembering a great year!!

The End.

OK - so I am not as eloquent as others I know, but I thought it would be fun to try and create a little story to capture what our Christmas Day (and the aftermath) consisted of.

And now I am done. Sorry if that was painful for some of you.
Here's what's been going on at our house since last I posted.

Christmas Eve - 7:30 ish - the girls got new Jammies. How stink'in cute do they look. BB1 loved her nighttime dress and who doesn't like a kid in polka dots.

Christmas Eve - 11:30 ish - Santa was in Cedar City, UT according to NORAD tracking. Good thing we are went to bed when we did, so that Santa could come.

Christmas Day - 7:30 am - BB1 wakes up first (which I thought was awesome considering Papa Bear and I both woke up at 5 wondering when we were going to get pounced on by the wee ones) She went to Papa Bear's side of the bed first (I guess she has learned that I don't respond so well that early in the morning) and told him that Santa had come and there were some really big presents under the tree. . . SO big they weren't even wrapped. . .and to hurry up and come down stairs. She then immediately ran into BB2's room and the words that came floating back down the hallway were - "BB2, wake up - Santa came and there are sooooo many presents. YIPPEEEE!!" This statement was then immediately followed up with excited giggles, laughter and clapping from both of them. I LOVE IT!

I got video of them sliding down the stairs and their first reaction to the bounty that awaited them. Once I figure out how to upload video, you'll get to see the comedy and joy that only kids on Christmas morning can create.
Question - Can you really be in 5 different places at once. Answer - YES!, if there are presents with your name on them in 5 different places. Trust me on this one.

Stockings came first and the rest of the morning was a blur of ribbons and wrapping paper flying around the room. What I remember the most is the warm and happy feeling in my heart as I watched the ones I love the most so excited and happy.
BB1 is now a rock star and we expect some pretty spectacular performances from her in the near future and BB2 is on her way to becoming a great mommy (she loves her new little baby) and a Galaxy Explorer with her new Space Buggy. It was all we could do to get her out of the car and eat some breakfast.
Both the girls where great when it came to not eating all of the candy from their stockings (I am still not sure how I got so lucky on that one) and after a breakfast of really yummy crumb cake, bacon and eggs, they spent the next several hours just playing with all their new toys. Both the girls got new teddy bears which have been named Sugar (BB1) and Spice (BB2) and they could not be more appropriate in describing the child they belong too.

The rest of the day was just hanging around. Papa Bear hung a new light fixture in the garage and shoveled a bunch of snow. I cleaned out the play room, to make room for all the new toys and BB1 got all dressed up to play in the snow. We all got to take a nap (one of the best things about Christmas Day), except for BB1 who said she was not in the slightest bit tired.

Dinner consisted of the most delicious of spiral sliced ham (thank you Target for having such a great deal on them - 1.14/lb.) and yummy salad and rolls. If anyone is in the mood for a nice ham sandwich you know where to get one, seriously, we will be eating it all week!
So definitely a great Christmas. The only way to improve on it would be to have family and friends near by to share it with. We only hope everyone had as great a Christmas where ever you are.
Oh - before I forget- On Christmas Eve - BB1 wanted to get her face painted like a clown. Not sure where the idea came from, but she got all dressed up as a clown (thanks JoJo the clown costume for finally fitting 2 years after we purchased it for Halloween) and the pictures are just too cute not to share. Enjoy!

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valerie said...

They are so so stinking cute. It looks like Christmas morning was a spectacle to behold. I love their PJs, especially the polka dot ones. What about all the goods mom and dad scored :)