Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Day

Well we have had our first official snow fall, and if this storm is an indicator of how much snow we are going to be getting at our new house, then we are definitely going to have to buy a snow blower. There is no way we are going to just be able to shovel the few inches we are used to getting and be done with it.

In Colorado, the snow (for the most part) stayed where it belonged - in the mountains. But I guess that is not the case here. Oh no my friends, here it snows in feet and at last unofficial measure, we got almost a foot of the cold white stuff.

Thanks to a mysterious rumour that Papa Bear had broken his arm, (BTW - his arm is NOT broken) our very kind and generous neighbor showed up with his snow blower to help with our drive way and sidewalks. Without his help we might still be shoveling our way out 2 days later.

I have to admit that the snow made for a very pretty picture at our house, as it blanketed the scrub oak that permeates our yard and neighborhood. I just wish I had taken a picture of it to share.

Once we finally let her outside to play, BB1 had a blast. BB2, on the other hand, took a little more convincing. As long as she was just standing in the snow she was fine, but the minute she fell back into the snow, she was not a happy camper. And she really didn't like the time that she fell over forward into the snow. Darn snow boots that make it too hard to balance or even walk! Luckily mom was there to rescue her and dad to give her kisses to make her cold cheeks disappear.

For a little bit of snow fun, we took both the kids over on Papa Bears newest toy (a 4 wheeler) to a little park area in our neighborhood with some nice slopes and let BB1 "snowboard".

I use that term loosely, as sitting on the snow board and using it as a sled don't really count as snowboarding, but hey, she was having fun.

She also got a really good lesson about the laws of motion that state (very loosely I might add) that what goes up, must come down, or in the case of sledding what goes down, must come up. It was pure comedy watching her try and bring the board back up the hill and loose her grip on it and then have to chase back down after the slippery little thing, but I guess situations like these build character or perseverance or teach on of those important life lesson, right? Hopefully it just made her appreciate and enjoy the smooth ride down all the more.

During this whole sledding adventure, BB2 was just content to sit on the trash can lid we brought in the hope of using as a sled (it didn't work) and "help" me and Papa Bear make a snow alligator for BB1. We tried for the old fashion snow man, but the snow just wasn't wet enough. Here's a picture of the girls with their little snow creature. who turned out pretty darn good - IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Also, While Papa Bear and I were making the snow alligator for BB1, BB2 discovered that eating the snow off her gloves was pretty tasty and that maybe this white stuff wasn't so terrible after all.
BB1 started eating the snow the minute she got outside which makes me think that maybe I should just be grateful that it was freshly fallen snow that they were eating and not snow that had been plowed, shoveled and tacked through by who knows what little forest creatures and random neighborhood animals.
BB1 seems to think all snow is fair game for eating, which makes me sick to even think about what she might be putting into her mouth along with the snow. I have told her all about not eating yellow or brown snow (gross to even write about) and I only hope she listens to me on this one. Thank heavens for kids with strong immunity systems. Here's to them working overtime!! And enough talk about yellow snow!! :o}

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Valerie said...

That alligator IS amazing - and I love how everyone's cheeks get so rosy. Looks like it was one good snow day!