Monday, December 24, 2007

Tracking Santa

Yep - that's right. As I type this post, we are currently tracking Santa's where abouts. Right now he is in Valparaiso, Chile. BB1 couldn't be more excited about seeing where he is right now, cause as she just informed me seconds ago "it means he is on his way to our house."

As a kid, I could never fall asleep on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come. I would just lay there in bed telling myself to go to sleep, but my little body was filled with so much raw excitement and energy it took all my strength to not pop out of bed like a Mexican jumping bean every 2 seconds. I never actually remember falling asleep, but eventually I must have as Christmas morning always came and Santa had always made his delivery just like I hoped he would.

Even now I still feel that boundless excitement and energy, and even more so now that I can see the joy that Christmas brings to my two little ones. I love seeing the light and wonder of the season shining through their eyes. I hope they have a good Christmas and take away the most important presents of all - love for all mankind, peace for the earth, joy in the heavens and the miracle of the birth of one tiny baby and the endless possibilities of hope that event has brought for all of us.

I know BB1 got it this year about the giving of presents, especially to her teacher and classmates. She was so excited to give out her little present and she got so sad when she thought she was one short (side note - she wasn't and everyone walked away with a treat) BB2 loves going up to the tree and looking up at the lights and ornaments and have been REALLY good about not taking them off. (did I get lucky or what). Just a little glimpse into our Christmas doings.

Well, BB1 just told BB2 that they both needed to be sure to get to bed on time so that Santa could come and deliver his presents. It's 7:30 and the earliest these two have wanted to go to bed for a while, especially at thier own request. I will not say be saying no to this one.

Also, Santa is now in Moyobamba, Peru and getting closer and closer and closer.


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valerie said...

Who would have thought - a GPS tracking device for santa - that would have been nice to have when i was a kid!