Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty!

It's funny how different your two children can be and how you realize it in the littlest of things. BB1 is always very nervous and a little shy around any kind of animal. If you have a large dog, forget about it. She will not go near it and is jumpy and watches it's every move. BB2 is the exact opposite. She seems to love anything with fur and it can never get close enough. If she sees a dog, cat or bird she is equally excited for all. I love to see the excitement on her face. I hope she never looses it. Thankfully, BB1 is getting better when she gets around animals, so maybe BB2's enthusiasm will become infections and rub off on her older sister.
With all this talk of animals I should mention that BB2 has a new friend. He stands about half a foot high and weighs next to nothing, but he is soft and cuddly and loves to come over and explore in our yard. To be fair, both of my girls think of him as a friend, but BB2 gets especially excited about our neighbors new kitten. Every time she sees him through the window, she gets all excited and starts squeaking and laughing. It hilarious to watch as her attention can not be diverted once she has laid eyes on her cuddly friend.

Her newest word (that's what we are calling it) is "side" as in "outside" and sure enough if the kitten is outside then that is where BB2 wants to be. She has taken to standing at the door and saying "side", "side", "side" repetitively until I take notice and either tell her no, we aren't going outside (which she doesn't like - shocker!) or I pick her up and take her outside where she immediately wants to be put down on the ground and she makes a bee line for the kitty. You would think they had previously made plans to meet up because as soon as our door opens the kitten scampers right on over into our yard and comes right up to her, so I am pretty sure this love connection goes both ways.

Either way it's too cute and I fully encourage it, especially as it is not my cat. I don't have to clean up after it, or take care of it, or deal with it in any way other than watching my children lavish love and affection on it and go happily on their way. So until tomorrow and the next kitty rendevouz.

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