Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Renewed and Ready to Tackle Another Day

In between moving and getting settled into our new home, I had a birthday come and go. This year I got to celebrated it in grand fashion by getting an actual vacation with NO KIDS. (A million thanks to Nana and CeeCee and their families for taking in and watching the girls and to Papa Bear for making the arraignments in the first place)

In short the vacation was heaven - that is if heaven is 100+ degrees. Papa Bear and I went down for a spa/golf midweek getaway in Mesquite, Nevada. Not your typical vacation place, but let me tell you, it was everything I needed. We stayed 2 nights at the Casa Blanca hotel and you can select either a 2 person golf package, or a 2 person spa package or a mix of the two. I took the Spa. Papa Bear took the Golf.

We arrived on Wednesday and just checked out the hotel, pool and amenities. That night we had a fabulous steak dinner in their restaurant and not once did I have to worry about cutting anything smaller or moving knives out of the way of curious little fingers. After dinner we went to the casino where Papa Bear and I learned all about the wonderful game of Craps. I won about $80 from my initial starting amount of $20. Of course I lost it as the night wore on, but hey - we were on vacation and it was all in fun. We took in the band that was playing in the lounge. The singers changed their outfits with each set and I swear I saw no less than 6 different color suits on them during the course of the night.

That next day Papa Bear went golfing in 100+ weather (more power to him, especially as it was 9:15 AM) and I lounged by the pool. I slide down the slide and felt like a kid again, especially when the water shot up my nose as I splashed down at the bottom of the slide into the pool. Good Times. And not once did I have to worry about 50+ SPF, floaties, swim goggles or swim diapers.

In the afternoon I got a pedicure with paraffin dip. My feet have never been happier. Then after a few hours lounging by the pool, I went and hung out at the Spa. I sat in a eucalyptus steam room, swam in a fabulous private pool (where for just a moment I felt a little like polar bears in the zoo must feel like when they are in their deep pools and natural habitats) I sat in their relaxation room where for the first time in a long time I got to read an entire magazine from cover to cover and not once was I distracted by little ones asking countless questions. Just a few more bits of heaven. Finally it was time for my hour long Swedish massage. It was the icing on the cake. There is NOTHING in life better than a massage especially one done with just the right amount of pressure to push away all the stress and leave you feeling calm, sleepy and relaxed. I think I floated back to my room that night.

For two days I didn't think about my kids (well, maybe a little) but I really tried to use this time to remember who I was (and still am at my core) but who usually gets pushed aside in lieu of being mom.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I love being a mom. I have no regrets with where my life has taken me, but sometimes I need to step away from my kids and see if I still am the person I remember being before them. And I need to be given a chance to actually miss them and look forward to seeing them. I needed to spend some one on one time with my husband and not feel like I was splitting my attention to him with two little ones. I needed to have this time to reconnect with him and remember what "us" time felt like. BTW - it's wonderful. This trip gave me all those things and therefore I am renewed and ready to tackle another day!!

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