Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Miss Independent

Yep - that's my girls. No doubt about it! Today BB2 decided to climb up our stairs, all by herself. Mind you, we have been working on how to go up the stairs, but she is still a little shaky on the coming down part (she thinks she can just turn around and scoot/step off) So, imagine my surprise when I run upstairs to put something away and not a minute later, I turn around and there is little miss independent at the TOP of the stairs. She buggied up the stairs so fast (and thankfully didn't try to turn around or this post might involve another ER story.)

BB2 has also taken her first independent steps (on Tuesday to be exact) and if we can just convince her that she can get around just as fast, if not faster, than her current scooting method, she will be walking in no time.

Now BB1, who lately might better be referred to as Little Miss Sassy, has been having a hard time of it. There have been enough of those moments for a whole separate blog, but I am trying to leave the past where it belongs - in the past. She is also growing more and more independent with each passing day and I realize at times I just have to step back and watch and let thing happen as they will and hope (and pray) that the rules and lessons and all the things I have tried to teach her have sunk in.

She is going to be experiencing so many new things this year with Kindergarten, and I just hope I have the patience and emotional strength to help guide her through all the ups and downs life will eventually bring her.

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