Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun times

I guess there are good thing that come out of trying to be smart about where you spend your money - you just go to all the things in your area that don't cost a thing.

Case in point, here are a few of the activities we have been going to as of late. And having a mighty fine time to boot!

Summer Concerts at Snow Basin.
Last week the band playing was a tribute band to Carlos Santana. They were awesome. And there is just something about sitting outside in a beautiful mountain setting, listening to good music and soaking up the sunshine that you just can't beat. Also, watching your kids dance around like the dancing queens that they are make for pretty entertaining times as well. K has turned into quite the little mover and shaker. Only video would do her moves justice and alas I don't have one, yet. Stay tuned.

Firework show at Weber State.
Granted this won't happen every weekend, as it's part of the Pioneer Celebration here in Utah that turns into quite the production for most cities. Seriously, there are more activities and shows for Pioneer Day (which isn't actually until the 24th) than there were for the 4th of July. But we take it and all the fireworks you want to throw at us, especially as we got robbed of seeing any on the 4th of July (see side note below). The show was awesome and we found the perfect grassy spot to spread out our blankets on an lay back and watch as the sky exploded overhead in an array of colors and sounds. K was besides herself with delight as it was her first official big fireworks show of her young life. She kept screaming "fireworks" over and over and over. A had more fun running around and pretending to be every animal we could throw out to her. Seriously, she's a pretty good little actress.

(Side Note to Ogden City Fireworks Planning Committee- if you advertise that your firework show will start at 10:00 pm on the city website and on all your flyer's you send out in the mail, than start your show at 10:00 - not 9:30. It really upsets the kiddos that are expecting to see said fireworks and the parents who leave with enough time to get to the show in time to see said fireworks, only to drive up and see everyone is leaving and the show is over and it's only 10:05!!!)

Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington
I am so glad we bought the season pass for all of us. We have more than made up for the initial cost and it gives us a great place to go and hang out. The kids love it, can't get enough and can run around wild and free (well not too wild and free) and the only cost is that of a Hawaiian Shaved Ice or Bag of Cotton Candy at the end. Plus, there is also a water slide part to the park that we can go to. A and K love the slides. I don't love the crowds or the crazy people that follow you around telling you over and over again how cute your little girls are. (seriously, it only happened once, but it was WEIRD and CREEPY)

That instance aside, it's a fun place to go and I get my fix on people watching. Seriously, I wish I had gone into studying Human Behaviour because amusement parks are filled with various case studies and are oh so entertaining. Plus, riding the roller coasters are pretty fun too!

So what's up for this weekend - Star Gazing Party at Snow basin. Just bring your telescope and watch the full moon and the stars from the mountain tops. Seriously, Big A and Little A are going to have so much fun. Mom and K are having a party at home!!

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