Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to School

One might think this is a post about A heading back to school, but she still has 4 more weeks of summer. No folks this post is to let the world know that I am heading back to school and have already been accepted to Weber State here in Ogden, UT.

I will be venturing into the world of medicine and pursuing a degree in Radiological Technologies. In the future you may come and see me to get an Ultrasound or have an x-ray taken or even, with enough time, I may be the one to look at your heart and see how the old ticker is working. The possibilities are endless and I am just at the starting point.

With my previous degrees, I should only need to take Anatomy and Physiology (two classes you definitely don't need when you are pursuing a business degree) before getting into the actual Rad Tech program (which will take 2 years to finish). Just say Class of 2010 with me!

I have actually been rolling the idea of going back to school around in my head for a while now and given our recent financial frustrations . . .

(Side note - I may have said this before, but I will say it again - don't loan money to extended family)

. . . and my subsequent job search to try and help alleviate said frustrations and the resulting additional frustrations attached to the job search process (like I really needed any more!)

(Sorry - another side note - Just because I've been giving birth to kids and raising and taking care of a family for the last 6 years, does not mean I am worthless or have forgotten how to do anything of value in the business world people. Seriously, why do some people feel the need to look down on you and dismiss what you do on a daily basis just because you are a mom and you don't bring in a pay check. I mean you try and keep a household clean and stocked, while sticking to a budget AND raise two kids and at all times try and keep them healthy, clean, safe, feed, entertained, taught manners and generally accepted human behavior, while also keeping them happy. On top of all that you must also be available and pleasing to your spouse (who I will openly admit has his own issues and stresses of solely providing (financially) for the family but we are not taking about him, we are talking about me) and throughout all of this you had better keep your looks and stay fit because heaven forbid you let yourself go through out this process. Also, don't even think about having any problems or stresses of your own because there are just not enough hours in the day or days in the year to take care of your problems!!

. . .Uhhh . . . OK . . . (breathing - breathing) . . . Sorry, I got a little off topic there and I am digressing a little more than I intended. Guess I have some rather intense feelings that needed to come out - I'll just get back on topic now . . . Ummmm . . . Yah!

So . . . both Aaron and I feel that now is really as good a time as any to get this started. By the time I am finished both Ave and Kem will be in school (Ave in 3rd and Kem in Preschool), and I will have something to do that adds value (ie. brings in a paycheck). I also don't think I will do so well just puttering around the house (shocker, I know) while the kids are in school and since my recent attempts to return to the work force with my business degree and extensive experience have been frustrating (to say the least), why not head back to school and get a skill set that will give me job flexibility, great pay and the ability to work when and where I want to.

Aaron is totally behind me in this and thank heavens he has a job that will (hopefully) give us the flexibility we need to not have to turned to day care to make this happen. Ave actually thinks it's pretty cool that mommy is going to school and will now have homework and assignments and stuff, just like she does. Do you think she would ever trade her 1st grade level homework for a test in anatomy. I wonder?

Plus, I will have an avenue for more adult interaction/communication which I have been sorely missing since leaving the work place. And Aaron will get to take on more of a role at home and in being Dad and take care of the girls and their needs first hand. That alone will make this all worth while.

I know this venture is not going to happen without it's share of challenges and stress, but I think a positive attitude and sheer determination to not let anyone suffer, will help out in those times when stress rears it's ugly head.

Just keep us in your thoughts (not like you don't already) and know we will survive and more importantly - THRIVE!!

"Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it!" ~Author Unknown

"We cannot choose things that will happen to us. But we can choose the attitude we will take toward anything that happens. Success or failure depends on your attitude" ~Alfred Montapert

Just a few things I am trying to keep in mind - wish us luck!


Libby said...

That is so cool! You are an example to us all. I hope to get to the point where I can take some courses in something not related to home management. I need to get Jason through his Master's first, though.
I totally understand what you are saying about the stigma against stay-at-home moms. When I left work to be at home with my kids one of my co-workers said, essentially, he thought I was wasting myself.
You show them, girl!

Ben said...

Good luck! i still have my old anatomy and physiology textbooks if you want to get some pre-studying in. They are in great condition, hardly used...i mean, i read them all the time and there are lots of notes because i was a very diligent student (that's for mom in case she reads these things). :)

Ryan & Cynthia Clan said...

Kudos to you. And hooray for avoiding all the lame loser general ed classes. Phew!

Hoopesfam4 said...

Excellent program choice...not that your first two degrees were bad, but I'm biased to Radiology since that is what I have been leaning towards since my Medical Assisting classes. I know, first hand, the stresses that come from being a mom and student - you will do fine...excellent....wonderful! You have a much better head on your shoulders than I, but just enjoy the classes, the social interaction, and the break from "domestication" that school will bring. I love you.

Elise said...

Wow, that is totally cool!! What a great thing to do for you and the fam!!! Good luck with all the studying!