Sunday, April 6, 2008

Full Disclosure

In an effort to be fair I should probably share the things that I used to sneak and hide from my parents. Atleast the things I can remember and am willing to admit too! :0)

For the most part my memories consist of sneaking things from the kitchen pantry. That was where my mom hide the good stuff. Jello (unmixed, of course) was my favorite and it didn't matter the flavor as all were good to me. For those of you who never sampled this yummy package of goodness, just think of it as a giant pixie stick in a box. Yummy.

Of course there were other things that tempted my childhood pallet as well. Like handfuls of Parmesan cheese. Chocolate Frosting. Chocolate chips. And don't ask me why now, but Bacon Bits - again by the handful. All were delicious. I think I even once ate a package of Tums, all the while thinking they were Smarties (not the chocolate Canadian kind, but the American fruity powdery kind), but I could never quite convince my tummy that they were all that good, even in their larger size.
Oh, and there was this one time, in the middle of the night, when I got the brilliant idea to sneak into the candy cupboard and get into the package of skittles my mom had up there. After about 4 or 5 trips back and forth between the cupboard and my bedroom, each time adding to my little pile of rainbow candy goodness hidden under my pillow, I made the fatal mistake of going back for a sixth time. As luck would have it, I dropped one of the skittles and it made this killer BANG - BANG - BANG sound as it skipped across the counter and then the floor. I jumped off the counter and ran as fast as my little night gown covered legs would take me back into my bed with my heart pounding in my chest, just praying that no one had heard anything.

Of course that was not the case as 2 seconds later my dad walks into my room and quietly asks me if I have anything I am not supposed to have. My guilty little conscious could take no more of his torturing questions and I turned over my candy stash with tears in my eyes and said I was sorry! I think I was too scared to get out of bed for anything for the next week. And I am pretty sure I didn't eat any skittles for quite some time after that. I guess I felt too guilty.

So that's the extent, as far as I can remember it, of all my sneakyness! (as far as I will admit!)


Elise said...

So funny!! My downfall was chocolate chips. I actually use to take them and sell them to kids at school in elementary school. Looking back it was quite an interesting way to earn money!!

valerie said...

Just plain sugar for - I would lick my hand and dunk the entire thing into the huge container of white sugar mom had, lick off the sugar and repeat :)

AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I wish I could explain the bacon bits thing because that was definitely one of the things that I snuck....but I can't. Let's just say that we were young, uninformed and not in need of watching caloric intake. I used to like the sprinkles that mom would have to decorate sugar cookies...and spoonfuls of Nestle Quik powder. YUMMY!!!