Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Calling in a whammy!

Aruba is calling and it wants A and I to come visit for a week in June. With it's white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water does one really ever ignore a call from Aruba?

Just one teensy weensy little problem - who will watch the kiddos, because Aruba says it's for adults only. And does one really get to argue with and say no to Aruba?

So why not throw this out to the universe (at least that which includes my friends and family who read my blog) and see who bites. Granted it might be a long shot and I might have to resort to begging and pleading with each of you individually, but seriously how do you say no to an opportunity like this one. Aruba wouldn't be happy.

It has been way too long since A and I spent any length of time with it being just the two of us. Our 10 year anniversary passed this last January with us at least getting a night away (thanks V) but lately we have both been feeling the need to get away and spend a little bit more time with each other, minus the little ones. Aruba has the answer!

Plus A's b-day is coming up and it's a semi-milestone (not 30, not 40 but halfway there!) Time to celebrate, right? And why not do it in Aruba!! Aruba approves!

SO onto the whammy of a favor - Anyone interested in watching two of the most perfect, well behaved, even mannered children you have ever come across in your life?

For a week? (10 days - to be honest)

Seriously - anyone!?! Aruba awaits your response.


AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

If Aruba is calling by way of San Diego, you know I'm up for it. K could use some fun cousin time and we've got lots of things to keep the kiddos occupied while you and A are getting your alone time. Plus, a vacay for mom and dad doesn't have to mean no vacay for the kiddos, right?

dvecchio said...

Hey - have to clear with the boss lady of course but we'd love to have the girls - the midgets would go nuts
we'll talk

Nataluscious said...

I meant to call you all day today, and everytime I went to pick up the phone I got some new call or email I had to deal with ;). Anyhow, Bryan is right - we would love to help (though would it be too confusing to try and bring the girls here, then head to Aruba?). And my only concern is 10 days, 4 kids, no car big enough to transport 4 carseats. Could get testy ;). Would you consider splitting the girls up? Let's talk soon. I would love to help you guys relax in Aruba!

Libby said...

It looks like you already have plenty of offers, but we'll throw our hat into the ring, as well. Meg and Kate would LOVE to have some play time with your girls. Of course, it means you'd *have* to come to CO. :)

Hoopesfam4 said...

While the desert wastelands of Arizona don't have much to offer, we would totally be willing to watch BB1 and BB2 so the two of you can make a great escape to the enticing waters of Aruba. The car situation may be a little tight, but I'm sure we could work something out. Even though we're miles apart, I just want you to know the offer is there.