Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Moments of Fun

K apparently likes to like flowers instead of smelling them

. Who knew they could be so tasty! And I am sure the flowers didn't mind the extra moisture at all!

A and K have so much fun at the Children's Museum in SLC, we have renewed our membership as they can not get enough of the place. Plus I love having somewhere to go that's fun and entertaining and that gets us all out of the house.

A and K feeding the plastic Pony a plastic carrot, and making the appropriate munching, crunching, eating sounds!

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! A came home from school with a recipe on how to make green eggs and ham and insisted that we make it for dinner.

Even though I couldn't stomach the green eggs in their abnormal color, the girls ate them up - literally!!
St. Patty's Day - I think my girls were covered with the "wear something green" and avoided getting pinched this year!!A came home from school telling me all about leprichauns and thier hidded pots of gold. Oh the silly things they get to learn about.

Spring is almost here and Easter came a little earlier this year. Along with it came the oh so highly entertaining Easter Egg hunts! Thanks CeeCee and R for having us over for a super yummy dinner and egg hunt.

So much fun - so much comedy from ones so young. (BTW - I miss the Colorado Easter Egg hunts - just so you know!)

K really got into the egg hunt this year and I bet it had nothing to do
with the fact that there was candy inside. She wasn't particular - chocolate, jelly beans, marshmellow bunnies - it was all good to her!

K showing me her chocolate treat - or "yummy, yummy" as she was calling it!

B, K, F and A - cutest cousins in Utah (notice the state qualifier there, as there are equally cute cousins in AZ and CA, who we sooo wish could have been there with us!)

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