Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favorite Words

Tonight was a great night all for the simple matter that as we were walking out of Wal*Mart (we were there to get a birthday present for a party A is going to tomorrow) K - who was a super trooper walking around the store while A made up her mind as to what to get for her little friend) lays her little sweet head down on my shoulder and of her own accord says the most precious words in the Universe - "Mommy, I love you!!

There is NOTHING sweeter, I am sure! And she is mine, all mine!!
(Photo courtesy of A, the budding photographer!)

My kids really do say the sweetest and funniest things sometimes and I only wish I could remember them all and get them written down before they fly from my mind, as most things often do. Atleast I captured this precious moment and will try in the future to be better. Maybe I need to start carring around pen and paper to record the other many pearls of wisdom that come from my children's mouths. I guess I have to start somewhere!

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