Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Day anyone?

So just how much snow do you have to get here in order to get it officially termed a snow day? Apparently the 4+ feet that we received in one day was not enough to warrant that status.

My heart went out to the kids that I saw standing on the corner just waiting for their bus to come and take them to school. The smart ones were bundled up to where no ounce of flesh could be seen, but there was one silly boy (Jr. high or high school/freshman age) in a simple black T-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes. He was not so bright and deserves whatever sicknesses come his way.
Here are just a few pictures of our mailbox, the front walkway up to the house, and the walkway around to the garage. I only wish I had a ruler (or a tape measure) to actually see how much was up there.

Papa Bear and I both were outside tackling the white stuff, and the first round definitely went to Mother Nature and her snow attack as I kid you not, just as soon as we would finish clearing a walk way or deck we would turn around and same said path/deck was covered right back up again. Talk about feeling like you were getting no where fast.

At least we were both able to take a moment an appreciate the total silence that seems to be unique to a massive snow fall. I love how everything is so perfect and white. I love watching the big fat snow flakes fall from the sky almost to the point where you feel like you are punching into hyper drive and shooting through space. It was a great moment, ended all to soon, by BB1 and BB1 screaming bloody murder inside the house, because hey, if mom and dad were both outside then that's where they needed to be as well. Never mind the RSV, ear infections and walking pneumonia. BTW - the girls are getting better and doing just fine.

And for those of you in warmer weather that don't have to deal with the snow, I have only one thing to say to you - Lucky!!!


AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

You know, I have to admit that I would be lying if I said that I was jealous...cause I really am LUCKY to not have to deal with snow, ever, unless I choose to. It does look beautiful, though, and the silence would be almost magical, but I'll take my sun any day!!!

valerie said...

I remember being at work and watching it all come down and thinking 'I wonder how bad it is up in Weber?' I can't believe you got that much snow.