Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to School

So after 10 days "out sick" from school, BB1 finally got to go back. . . And it was time. . . not only for her sake but for my sanity as well. I was right to think that I would run out of ideas for ways to keep her occupied and out of trouble. I ran out of ideas/thing to do yesterday. So timing worked out just about right.

I took her into school and the second she walked into the classroom, 3 little girls jumped up and where like "BB1", "BB1's back", "Oh, we have missed you BB1" It was too cute. One little girl (who lives in the neighborhood and who has been a super close friend) refused to leave her side, until BB1 was done taking off her jacket and hanging up her backpack and went to sit down at her desk. Again, too cute.

I just love how excited kids seemed to get to just see someone who has been gone. I guess I can liken the feeling to when I get to see family and friends whom I haven't seen in a while - you just feel all warm and bubbly inside.

So it's good that she is back at school and back to full health. I am not sure what BB2 will do, since I think she has gotten used to having BB1 around to play with her all day. This has actually been really great for me in terms of giving me some free time to get other, non-kid related things done (like paying bills, cleaning the house, shoveling snow, yelling at the phone company, you know!) And I have to say, they have been playing really well together. I love that right now, they get along and are at just the right age that BB1 can boss BB2 around, and BB2 doesn't seem to mind. I know it won't last, so for now I will enjoy their camaraderie (sp?) and BB2's tolerance of BB1's orders while I can.

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