Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Some people love Halloween, some don't. I think I am one who likes Halloween, at least the dressing up and decorating aspects of the day. I hope that at some point in my life I can attend one of those really pulled together Masquerade/ Halloween Parties were everyone is in super detailed costumes. It might be the only way I can get Papa Bear to put on a costume. Plus, it just sounds like something really fun to do. I have to give some serious props to the adults that are comfortable enough to walk around in a full on Spiderman costume (thanks to Boo at the Zoo) and would like to say that in my opinion, if you are going to wear a costume, go big or go home.

As for the things I don't like about Halloween, I don't like anything that oozes or looks like wrinkled prunes hanging from a string and even though on most days you would not find me within a foot of a huge ugly spider, this year they were hanging all over the place. They were dangling from our balcony and all over the spider web that was strung along every available surface of our house (roof line included). I thought the overall affect was pretty cool. Plus this year we added a couple of tombstones and little Halloween signs that I strung purple & orange along and all in all it made for a pretty festive looking house.

I would also have to add that after walking around the neighborhood in the freezing cold, I am not a huge fan of the candy gathering aspect, nor do I like the kids that show up at your front door, not wearing a costume and holding out a baseball hat looking for their little treat. But that is just me.

BB1 (aka the cutest witch ever!) had a BLAST running around the neighborhood with all her little friends and of course wanted to eat everything the moment she got it. We decided that she could pick out 10 pieces of candy that would be just hers - and mom and dad couldn't touch them - and everything else went back into the candy bowl. All the gross stuff (seriously - why do people still hand out those orange and black wrapped peanut butter flavored taffys?) was given back out to the trick or treaters that came to our house, and we were left with only the good stuff (ummm -chocolate!)

BB2 got to help hand out the candy and was really good about it until she decided she didn't want to put the Lollipop she had pulled out of our candy bowl into another kids pumpkin. She also did really good with everyone being in different costumes and especially liked the other "animals" she saw throughout the night.

Both kids were so tuckered out at the end of the night, they almost went to bed in thier costumes. Actually to be honest, BB2 did sleep in her costume becuse it was so super soft and snuggly, I thought why not. Huge thanks to CA GMa for doing such an awesome job on the kitty costume and BB1's Cape.

The leaves have almost all fallen off of the trees and what autumn scene would be complete without two of the silliest little kids sitting in the middle of a huge pile of leaves. I have some pretty special memories when I was a kid of helping my dad rake leaves and especially helping to smoosh them down in the garbage pail. So here's to giving them some fun memories (and me not thinking about all the creepy crawlies that can be found amoung the leaves.)

Finally, I am including the picture of BB2 with this post just to share how big my little baby is getting. If anyone knows a way to slow down the process of growing up - Send it my way!!

Also, we would love to hear (and see) what your little one's dressed up for this Halloween. Let the comments and picture exchange commence!!


FRIGGA said...

Hey, found you via "next blog" Cute pics! And I'm with you on the Halloween, I love the dressing up & would love to go to one of those Masquerade Balls someday. :P

Valerie said...

The girls looks so cute - go figure - they take after their parents! I have loved looking at all the pictures...and agree with you that they BOTH are growing up way too fast!