Monday, October 29, 2007

Boo Who? Boo You!

This little priceless moment is brought to you just because it's too cute not to share.

This time of year always brings around so many different and fun activities to participate in, how do you choose which ones to go to. Luckily the choice is always made easier by who gets to come with you. Saturday was Boo at the Zoo with CeeCee, Ry, F & B.
(isn't B the Happiest and Cutest Owl you have ever seen - and F is an awesome robot!!)

And even though the thought of standing in one long continuous line just to get air heads and tootsie rolls, isn't high on my list of entertainment (I don't even think it's an option on Papa Bears), BB1 was having a ball and BB2 really like the tortilla chips and people handing out string cheese. And that my friends is all the really matters.
I think we left at just the right time, and lunch at Shivers was a great end to a good morning.
Next year (if I can convince Papa Bear to come with me again) I am bringing my own bag of candy and I'll just set it up with the kids that for each animal they see, they get a treat. Then we avoid standing in silly lines, we see the animals (isn't that what we pay admission for) the kids get their candy and everyone goes home happy.
We have also done The Haunted Train Ride on the Heber Creeper. BB1 and BB2 thought the train was pretty cool along with all the things you can look at outside of the train. BB1 was not sure of what she thought once the creatures and spooky people got on the train.

She DID NOT like the Werewolf and surprise, surprise, BB2 thought it was a kitty. Next year though - we will ditch the costumes and just dress super warm. Then we will be able to sit outside and really take in the ambiance of the canyon train ride.

BB1 had a Harvest Festival at her school and it was a madhouse of kids, all running around with tickets in hand to the various games and jumping castles and mega slides. The favorite of the night was the fishing booth. BB2 did not want to give back the fishing rod.

and yet there is still more to come - the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, playing in the huge pile of leaves it took me 2 days to rake up. . . may the fun never end!!!

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