Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In case you missed it....

I figured it was time to quit being such a slacker about blogging because lets face it, with family and friends spread out all over the country this really is one of the ways that we keep in touch and are able to share with all of you some of the fun and exciting adventures we take as a family. So enjoy!! There is alot to catch up on!! In fact - this will be Part I!!


We have actually spent quite a few weekends up in Park City this summer/fall. The first trip was because we had a gift certificate we needed to use to Flannigan's on Main. They have the best blackened chicken sandwich and others indulgences like fried mac and cheese which the girls loves. After filling up we just walked around (had to burn off that amazing dinner some how) and of course found a place for dessert where we could eat outside in style and enjoy the beautiful weather. Of course the girls insisted on riding the free trolley and so away we went.

The next time we went was for the Park City Art Festival. We were able to enjoy ourselves in the company of some awesome people and again had great weather. You can tell from the pics that the girls found some friends that they wanted to bring home with them...maybe next year, girls!!


So having never been to the Shakespeare festival before, we decided to make the trip to Cedar City with some dear friends this August and make an extended weekend of plays, dancing and all that a Shakespeare festival could throw at us.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for the G family to join us as a very nasty case of the stomach flu viciously attacked their entire family leaving them tormented and in the throes of much unpleasantness. See, I could almost be a play write, right?? OK, OK - I won't quit my day job.

It was a very sad sad day for us to know we wouldn't get to hang out, but as they say "the show must go on" and with tickets purchased and hotels reserved we pushed forward with the weekend. We saw "The 39 Steps" which wasn't a play by Shakespeare, but a murder/mystery/super sloth/comedy adapted from the movie by Alfred Hitchcock. It was very entertaining and after the show and picking up the girls from Day Care (kids under 6 are not allowed to see the plays, so both girls spent the time while we were in the play making crafts, playing around and enjoying themselves) we grabbed some dinner and went to the Green Show which is open to one and all. It was a group of Irish dancers and fiddlers who played and danced and pranced around. There was even a little comedy sceatch to get us all laughing again. We all ended up having a blast!!

K gets her ears pierced!! (sorry no pics - they are on Aaron's cell phone!)

This story is pretty simple - Aaron and I and K run into the mall for something and while walking around K says out of the blue "I want to get my ears pierced" so away we go to find a place where there are 2 people because both ears have to be done at the same time or this little girl will be walking around with one ear pierced for the rest of her life. She jumps right up onto the chair picks out the star earrings she wants, grabs a hold of the brown snuggle bear and "Bam" "Punch" both ears are done. She cried a little bit at first, but all in all was really quite awesome and now she is just counting the days till she can wear dangly earrings like her big sis.

Stay tuned for Part II - coming soon!!


Nataluscious said...

OK, the Shakespeare Festival tickets are nearly too painful to look at ;), but the rest are adorable! So fun to see you guys - even through pics. Glad you had such fun adventures - excited to have another one this November!

hoopesfam4 said...

Yay!! New photos...oh, how this just made my day. We've been missing you guys. So glad to see/read all that you've been up to.

Know that we love and miss you!! Still hoping on a trip for January/February-ish...keeping my fingers crossed.