Sunday, July 4, 2010

Conversations in the Garage

ME - "Hey girls, how come there are ants all over the garage? Did you clean up the Popsicle juice you spilled like I asked you too?"

GIRLS - "Yes"

ME - Then why are the ants all over the exact spots you spilled in"

GIRLS - "I don't know" (this is a very common response to a lot of questions in our home when asked about messes, spills, etc.)

Then Avery pipes in with this well thought out suggestion - "Maybe the ants brought in a strawberry from our garden and decided to eat it in the garage where it was cool"

"Yep, and they brought said strawberry to the exact same spot where there is sugary, sweet and sticky Popsicle juice." was my oh-so-very-sarcastic reply which I am sure just went right over their heads.

Yes sir - that is probably what happened :o)

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Zaltana said...

"I don't know" is a very commonly used phrase (excuse) at our house too!!!