Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Florida & all that is Disney!!

Since it has been almost 3 months since we went on our family vacation to Florida and because I REALLY don't want another month to go by before I share the pictures from the trip, I am taking a minute while the girls are all playing really nicely together upstairs and before I begin making dinner to get these pictures out into cyberspace so that you, my dearest friends and family can all enjoy them and see the good times that can be had in Florida.

Quick trip highlights:
- getting to go up and inside the huge silver orb that is Epcot Center and being treated like 1st class superstars. We got to hang out in a pretty cool super technical lobby and were then escorted to the front of the line like rockstars (and saving ourselves about an hour wait) for the ride that is in the globe. (1st class treatment courtesy of the company Aaron works for -> sometimes it pays to take advantage of employee benefits -> so thanks Siemens)
- K calling Donald Duck "my duck" Every time we saw him she would go - look mom, my duck!! I loved it!!
- A taking on every single roller coaster and not being scared of any of them. I love that she now loves Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.

- running through the Swiss Family Robinson's Tree house and having both girls ask if we could build a house just like that one. I'm game!
-For K thinking the world was her stage and taking every minute to entertain everyone!!
- Realizing that the best day was spent at Epcot, when we really thought it would be the lamest!! Thanks Germany and Italy, France for making Epcot so much fun! And until we can get there in person, the Epcot version will do just fine.

Things to remember for next time or anyone else wanting to go in the near future:
- take rain ponchos - you'll use them!!
- make reservation at least 3 months in advance if you want to have lunch with the princesses in the castle. Do this especially if you don't want to be given a dirty look or mocked unceasingly behind your back by the hostess at the princess castle by thinking you can walk up and get in that day without a reservation. Note: the lady we asked did not do any of the above, but I am sure it used up all her energy not too.
- same thing is true for if you want to swim with dolphins. You will need to make reservations at least 2 month in advance to have that aquatic experience.

Now on to the pictures - There are a lot of them, so no worries if you need to speed up the slide show to get through them all. Enjoy!!

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Nataluscious said...

Yay! I've been dying to see these pictures and here about your trip. Looks fabulous - so glad you had fun! :) Can't wait to recreate it in Cali soon! :)