Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swim Lessons

So in an effort to help my girls develop more confidence when it comes to swimming and all things pool related, I signed them up for swim lessons at our gym.

A was in a class of about 6 other kids and K was in a class of only 3. The girls loved getting to splash around and learned how to float on their backs, hold their breath under water and all the basics you would expect from a beginning level swim class.
The best part is that A is swimming like a fish (of course being in Florida definitely helped with that) and K was the only kid in her class that was so ready for anything and everything the teacher asked her to do.

(the other 2 kids wanted absolutely nothing to do with the teacher or the class. One kid actually never came back after crying for the whole 1st lesson, and the other kid moved over into A's class because she didn't want a "boy" to be her teacher.)
K was up for everything from blowing bubbles in the water, to getting her face wet (which most kids hate) to doing "chugga chugga" (which is where they hold on to the side of the pool and move to stairs or ladders to climb out) and literally was ready to jump in and get swimming from the very first moment.

I love her bravery and "can-do-anything" attitude. It seems that very little scares her or makes her take pause.

...ummm....should I start worrying now or later?

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