Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is that WATER or something ELSE falling from my ceiling?!?

This is a question I never want to ask myself ever again - seriously, not ever!

Here's what happened. Last week we had the girls bathroom re-tiled. We had to check for a suspected leak in the shower plumbing, so why not just redo the tile that we didn't like in the first place, fix the problem and put up something we liked better. I should mention that the job gets done not by our contractor, but by someone he works with and trusted to do a good job. (that's another issue, but not for now) So, the job is finished, bathroom gets reassembled and is ready for normal use...

Flash forward one week - I am going about my normal mom duties while also working on painting the downstairs bathroom. I am also watching another little girl for a neighbor, and our contractor is here, because what do you know, the toilet in the girls room and the master bathroom were backing up/acting up at the same time and we thought it had something to do a stupid tile being stuck in the pipes.

See apparently while putting up the new tile, a small 2x2 piece of tile fell down the toilet hole in the floor pipe thing (don't ask for the official name if you get what I am talking about) and the piece of tile WAS NEVER PULLED OUT before the toilet was put back together and sealed up for use.

So we called our contractor and explained what was going on and he came out and had been here for about 2+ hours, working on clearing out the tile, etc. He found the blockage due to the tile and got it pushed out . . toilets reassembled (again) and everything put back together. Not a big deal right, everything is fixed . . . right - well that's what I thought and oh was I wrong.

So our contractor leaves, and I go back to painting the bathroom, K and her little friend are playing in the family room, and I decided to run upstairs to throw in a load of laundry (you know multi-tasking as all moms usually do) and that's when all you-know-what breaks loose. K starts screaming and so I run downstairs to see her standing directly UNDER a waterfall that is pouring out of my ceiling. It is coming out of the recessed lighting holes, right above were the girls bathroom is located and I can't even begin to share all of the thoughts that were going through my mind in that moment. Lets just say it hasn't even been 10 minutes since our contractor has left. . .

The next 10 minutes consists of all of the following:
*Me calling our contractor and telling him to get back here as there is water coming out of my ceiling,

*Running upstairs and then downstairs (to the basement) to shut off ever possible water source I can think off - at least 3 times.

*Telling K and her little friend AT LEAST 5 TIMES to stop standing directly under the down poring water.

*Getting every single towel in the house to try and soak up the water that has already fallen

*Grabbing the biggest bowls in the house to try and catch the water and prevent further damage to hardwood floors, carpet.

*drying off two very wet little girls!

*Calling A and telling him to get home RIGHT NOW!

The picture I took doesn't even begin to share the shear amount of water that was coming down (guess it was moving to fast to be caught on film) but you get the gist.

LUCKILY - the water was clean water, not something far worse!

LUCKILY - our contractor was able to come back and fix the problem and stop the water from coming out of our ceiling

LUCKILY - dry wall dries out and it out of pre-existing holes and didn't cause the ceiling to fall down.

LUCKILY - little girls dry off pretty quickly.

Can you tell I am trying to see the positive in all of this?


Ryan & Cynthia Clan said...

WOW. wow. That is about all I can say right now.

BTW - I have something for K & A from Gma L. She had me bring them back with us. I also have K's present for her bday.

The Ravsten's said...

Wow! You and the Gibson's and your leaking problems. I can't believe it. Hang in there and remain positive. Hope everything else is going well!

Elise said...

Oh my!!! That is crazy. I applaud your calmness and positiveness. Not exactly sure if I would have had either.

valerie said...

holy crap

for what it's seem to have handled it fairly well...i don't think i could say the same for me given water started gushing down from my ceiling.

Hoopesfam4 said...

Oh no!! So sorry to hear about the indoor waterfall fiasco. Sounds like you handled it very well...much better than I probably would have. Way to look at the bright side of the situation...I probably would have sat down and cried.