Monday, October 13, 2008

So what did you wake up to this morning?

**note that in the picture on the left, either a deer or a dog left some tracks right along our front sidewalk!! A thinks it was a deer!!
**The sheer weight of the snow almost took out a couple of our trees. The picture on the upper right shows how one tree is being held up by the rails of our staircase. Usually it's about 6 feet higher so you can walk under it!!

Yeah - there are just no words!!

At least not yet - they keep freezing into solid ice as they try and come out of my mouth!!

Do I even need to say it - OK, I will - it's only October. Isn't this supposed to be the time of year were we watch the leaves change color and there comes a slight change in temperature, maybe just a little more of a nip in the air? I think someone has an inaccurate understanding of the word "nip". Just to clarify - it means "a little bit"

This had better not be an indication of what mother nature has planned for is this winter. If it is - I am coming for an extended visit to anyone who lives where it is warm and sunny, so those of you in CA and AZ - you are on notice. Have the air mattresses ready!!

At least A & K found a way to enjoy the falling snow! They have been playing with these umbrellas all summer, at least now they are using them for there actual intended purpose.

In fact when K woke up and looked out her bedroom windows and saw all the falling snow her first response was - "look mom - look at my snow!" Guess she is laying claim to it all!

And I even think A might be to blame for the shear amount of the white stuff that fell, because she informed me this morning that her prayers came true - because she asked for a lot of snow. I guess this happened after I had tucked her into bed, because I have no recollection of the snow request along with her wishes for a good night sleep and keeping her family safe.

Now - I am going to warm up my frozen appendages, and drink some hot chocolate - really HOT chocolate!


The Ravsten's said...

Thank goodness we didn't get any of the snow...yet! But, I'm with you. I just want a little crispness. None of this 40 degree weather. Hang in there. Hopefully it will still warm up a bit. But, I do know where you live and you aren't in much luck for a good winter! Hope things are going well otherwise. Emily :)

AJ, Shauna, Keegan and Camden said...

So I guess I should stop complaining about our warm weather and start appreciating the fact that our "nip" means that we drop down into the mid-60's at night, huh? Yeah, I's totally not fair and you can totally hate me now (although I have NO control over the weather and the fact that we have Santa Ana weather conditions right now, which means mid-70's during the day...and red flag fire warnings while you are dealing with the snow). I think I should just stop talking now and go get the air mattress ready, just in case! :) Love you!

valerie said...

cute little snow bunnies!