Monday, August 25, 2008

Ode to the 1st Day of 1st Grade

It took all the excitement and energy of a 6 year old to get the day started bright and early, all without the use of an alarm clock. I had it set for 7:15, but what was the point, A was up at 7:00 and came into my room dressed, with her backpack, ready to head downstairs and make her lunch and get on the bus.

Of course the bus doesn't come until 8:35 so we had some time to kill. Plus, I realized while she will still let me, I would like to take her to school (at least on the 1st day) and take pictures of her in her new classroom (she's in a portable this year - I am not happy, she is, so I am trying not to make a big deal about it) and sitting at her new desk, etc.

I am so glad I took her because the school was a scene of pure chaos, controlled as best they could by the staff and teacher's aides directing parents and students on where to go. There were kids and parents and cameras, oh the cameras. At least I am not the only one who wants to document the growth and progression on my child through the elementary halls of education.

A found a friend from Kindergartner right inside the doors to the school who proudly announced that she and A were in the same class, took her by the hand and the two of them ran off - in the wrong direction!! (Reason #2 why I am glad I took her this morning) so I corrected their direction and we headed off to her new class. Her teacher is new to the school this year (but she has taught previously) We will be calling her Mrs. C on the blog and I think her and A will get along just fine. She told A where to hang up her backpack and showed her where she would be sitting. A sat right down and started settling in with her pencil box and school supplies. It was pretty cute to watch her be so deliberate in the placement of her crayons, pencils and scissors. Guess she gets the organizational tendencies from me!

After posing so beautifully for a few pictures (isn't she the cutest 1st grader ever!) and telling her I would see her at home when she got off the bus, she got a little sad and didn't want me to go. But with a few words of encouragement and hugs and kisses, she skipped back to her desk and settled into the coloring assignment on her desk.

I know she will do fine at school. She will be learning new things and playing with her friends, so I am not too worried about her. I just can't believe how fast the summer has gone by. She is growing up so fast and in the blink of an eye she will heading off to Jr. High then High School and while I encourage the growth, I also want to scream out - NOT SO FAST!! Guess I will just have to live in the moment and appreciate everything going on right now, cause in a minute it's going to change.

I think K is really going to miss having her around the house to play silly games with her. We went on a bike ride to the park when we got home. Don't even ask were the idea came from to wear A's swimming goggles, but she looked so cute, I couldn't say no.
Times are a changing, but all for the good.
I start school today as well, so I guess I had better get offline and start reading all about the Human Body and it's inner complexities - Oh the joys of Anatomy!!
Here's to a Great School Year!!


valerie said...

Oh my - this is the beginning of the end isn't it? The boys...the sneaking out...don't let the sweet smile and dimples fool you :)

It sounds like A had a great first day and I'm sure K will find ways to keep her (and you) busy.

Good luck on that Human Anatomy - I never braved it in school - wish I had. It's useful stuff! Love you!

AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I can't wait to hear how both your first days went. I have to second Val's good luck wishes on the Anatomy class. I couldn't pass it when I took it, but that was due to mostly laziness on my part...and an overzealous schedule at the time. You can always get the anatomy coloring book (yes, they have one...I have it here) and the girls can help you color in as you learn! :)

Love you!

Hoopesfam4 said...

I agree time is flying by way too quickly. I can't believe A is already in 1st grade!!Crazy. Before I know it, I will be sending AK & Roo off to school - I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. Good luck with the anatomy class - I have to admit I loved my anatomy classes. In fact, I still have my shoebox full of flashcards...not that I use them much now, but I have them none the less. Man - I'm a loser!